Brett Davis UnLeashed

Brett Davis is a native son of San Diego, California. Born on December 18, 1964, the oldest of 2 boys.  He is a local San Diego radio personality and Veteran in the entertainment industry. Author of 2 children’s books, Brett trains the kids and Santa’s Merry Workout. Brett is also a writer and Public Relations Manager for SHE Magazine. 


Brett is currently the Show Host for Talk with Brett on KCBQ The Answer, FM 96.1 North County and AM 1170 San Diego.

Brett has hosted on ESPN, Real Talk San Diego and The Brett Davis Success Hour on Blog Talk Radio. He is the CEO of Brett's Naturals and IQPodcasts. Brett is also a Nutritionist and Trainer with an extensive list of clients.  He has trained Celebrities, Military, and Professional athletes.


Brett's passion has always revolved around fitness and nutrition. He continues to strive to be the best he can be by winning The AAU Natural Mr. Universe, Body Building Classic 50-59 2x.


Brett's commitment and dedication have been focused on honoring and acknowledging our everyday Heroes from San Diego County and around his community.  He honors Military Warriors, Teachers, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, Public Servants and Businesses that give back to the community. 


Brett recently partnered with Attorney King Aminpour to start a Podcasting Studio respectfully named Attorney King Studios. produces new shows and is now airing Bretts new podcast show, Brett Davis Unleashed Podcast Host

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Your Business

 Reality with CB 

Cristal Balk is the founder of Unstoppable Marketing Solutions and she is in charge of the marketing for IQ Podcasts. Cristal is also a Marketing Consultant where she helps clients reach their marketing goals. 


Her passion is to leave a legacy behind where more women will step out of there comfort zone and do what they are meant to do in this world! Which means, Cristal is the San Diego Leader for World Women Conference and Awards where she helps women be innovative, educators, and to be change makers for the San Diego Community. 


Cristal has been featured in San Diego Voyager, USA Today, KCBQ The Answer, Telemundo, CNN, and many more. She is an Amazon #1 Best Seller for an international book called De Cero Al Exito which means from Zero to Success. 

Your Business Reality with CB podcast is about getting the stories of business owners/organizations where I come up with marketing strategies that can benefit them. 

Remember that "filling in the gaps in the marketing world is what I do"

- Cristal 

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Conversation with the Chairman 

Elected as Chairman of Sycuan Casino, Chairman Cody Martinez has moved swiftly to ensure transparency and accountability to his constituents of the Sycuan Tribe. Creating efficiencies and streamlining operations, the tribal government has already seen improved services and reduced costs. Government services overseen by Martinez include police and fire, medical/dental/pharmacy, MIS, community development and construction, education, accounting, landscaping, political and charitable contributions, legal and more. Tribal government services alone account for nearly 400 employees and $75 million annual expenditures. His podcast talks about the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation. 

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Buying Your Piece of Paradise with 

Kaushal Patel 

Kaushal is a results-driven professional who always puts her clients' needs first. With over a decade of living in San Diego, she's well versed in the many different communities that make up America's Finest City. In addition to being a Realtor, she considers herself a marketer, a negotiator, and an ally to her clients. In her free time, she enjoys exploring all the hidden gems our phenomenal city has to offer whether it's a new restaurant or hiking trail. Let Kaushal clue you in on all the hot spots you need to discover. Through her connections & networking, you don't need to look any further for your housing advocate! She'll work around the clock for you! 


Kaushal Patel - Realtor DRE Lic # 02048174

Kaushal's podcasts is called Buying Your Piece of Paradise with Kaushal. 

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Everything! with

Rebecca Jade

Rebecca is an accomplished singer/songwriter and has been singing for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a musical home, she has been exposed to an extensive variety of artists, genres, and styles from her mother, who is also a vocalist. 

Rebecca has been touring

with the Queen of

percussion, Sheila E. since 2017 and most recently appeared in the Emmy nominated show, “Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute to Prince” that aired on CBS in April this year; She also sang background vocals for Sir Elton John at the 2020 Academy Awards; Rebecca opened for Will Downing and Boney James at a sold-out Valentine’s Day concert earlier this year in Long Beach, as well as opened for Jeffrey Osborne for the 2019 Thornton Winery Summer Concert series; Rebecca made her debut as a guest artist on the Smooth Jazz Cruise this year; she has appeared as a repeat guest artist on the Dave Koz Cruises since 2016. Her Podcast name is Everything with Rebecca jade which will air on Monday's. 

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Coe Lewis was born in Houston, Texas and raised all over the world.  Now her path brings her full circle to being part owner of Zikomo Safari Lodge and being the Cofounder of Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation… both based in Zambia . Together with her foundation cofounder and fellow Zikomo Safari owner/operator Victory Wallace, they are changing the game of conservation in Africa.


Extinction is happening at an alarming pace in Africa (and around the world) and Nsefu Wildlife Conservation Foundation is on the ground 365 days a year saving wildlife and creating longterm solutions to combat wildlife crime along with introducing economic opportunities for the Nsefu Sector to thrive. Coe strives to educate, empower, and enforce conservation with the Coexist Show. Coe's show Airs on 1st and 3rd Friday. 

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Open Mic with Makenna

Was born in San Diego and the youngest Host on IQ Podcasts. Makenna likes acting, eating, and enjoys comedy. 


Open Mic with Makenna is about open conversations with many different subjects from people everywhere. My show will focus on subjects such as the view and opinion of a teenager. 
Makenna’s goal is for people to comprehend Generation Z and their way of thinking. 
Airs on Tuesday's. 

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Take it Back 

With Tommy & Tina

Tommy Anderson

is the author of Amazon best-seller military thriller 'Haboob Wind ' and is an award-winning photographer/artist living in the Los Angeles area. Tommy is also an accomplished screenwriter and Associate Producer on the film 'Haboob Wind'. Tommy is an actor in both television and film, and also a founding member of VetPics Film Productions located in San Diego, California- an all veteran independent film production company. His first film (in post-production), Life after Oblivion, was written and co-produced by Tommy. 


Tina Hargett

is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Southern California; currently living in the Los Angeles area. She has been signing professionally for years, she has performed many places across Southern California, Las Vegas and abroad. Tina is also an aspiring actress, recently acting in the SAG-Aftra short film, Life After Oblivion. 

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Ask Dr. Melinda

Aging Gracefully & Strong

Dr. Melinda Silva graduated from UCLA with a BS in PsychoBiology and then received her medical degree from UC Davis School of Medicine. She is a Board Certified physician and completed a Fellowship in Functional and Regenerative Medicine. With Dr. Silva’s expertise and training, she strives to provide the best medical care with a focus on prevention and holistic health care and now focuses on Integrative Medicine. Dr. Silva has 23+ years of clinical experience and after treating her own perimenopausal symptoms with alternative therapies. Her professional goal is to improve the quality of life of others by focusing on the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. Her goal is to educate and showcase the latest treatments of antiaging medicine including topics about sex, hormones, cosmetics and mental health.

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Angel Hacker

Indian of SD

Angel Hacker is an Indian Motorcycle enthusiast whom is the General Manager of Indian Motorcycle of San Diego. She came to San Diego from Tucson, AZ as Tim Broadhead’s Parts and Service manager last August and has since dedicated her knowledge and time to making Indian Motorcycle of San Diego the very best Indian dealership she can dream of. 

Angel Hacker has been dedicated to the Indian Brand since 2014, the launch year of the new lineup. She’d always been found of the older, historic Indians from the 1930-1950 however when Polaris, her favorite off-road brand, made the purchase and announcement to revive Indian she wanted nothing more than to be involved. 

A young women in her position in a very rare thing. She attest her success to affection and gratitude for her customers, team mates, and other riders. Leading with kindness, discipline, and understanding has helped her grow in a man’s world of motorcycles. 
Her journey has brought her to a beautiful city and capital of on-road motorcyclists. 

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Life Is Magic 

Anya Nova is an award-winning entrepreneur and technologist. She is the President & CEO of IT TechPros, Inc., a Managed I.T. Services & Cybersecurity firm, and serves small businesses with 40-100 employees since 2006. Anya is also the Founder of Alpas Athletix, the home of the first-ever patented design strapless sports bra. This new product will be released in 2021. Anya is a speaker, spiritual entrepreneur, life and business mentor, an author, and published several books and her latest book, New-School Leader, back in 2018. 

When not working on her companies, Anya is a mom of two daughters, is an animal lover, and is passionate about ancient esoteric studies. Anya is a certified Practitioner of Ancient Numerology and Symbols of the Mystics and provides one-to-one spiritual coaching with Women Executives and CEOs looking for guidance in life. Anya has used this same wisdom in her life to get a competitive edge and experience complete fulfillment and happiness.

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Marina Teel is the host of Unbroken, a podcast on the IQ Podcasts network, where she invites guests on for open discussions on various types of relationships. Speaking on topics ranging from familial bonds to first times, she explores her guests’ different points of view and experiences. From her own perspective, she is a romantic at heart, tough when she needs to be, and firmly believes in never settling.

Being Unbroken is a strength like no other. There comes a time in everyones life when they have to say goodbye…. Whether it’s because of personal beliefs or the loss of love.  Just remember your heart and your strength are what define you. It’s what determines who you are.  It’s not for sale and it should not be fake.  People are present in your life for a reason and whether they are here to stay or go you need to embrace it.  It’s what makes being here so amazing.  


Marina holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Sciences, and is the CEO and owner of IB Fitness. She is based in Imperial Beach, CA, where she lives with her young daughter, Gabby.

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